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When asked how I rid myself of writer’s block or what inspiration I use in each scene, my answer is simpler than you may think. Music

I begin with a playlist that I add different scores to, to fit each scene, character or specific occurrence, be it just a single track or numerous ones for the same scene I am writing.


If whilst writing my draft I believe the track is suited to another scene, or it no longer inspires me, I simply move the track up, down or delete it. I am always adding more tracks to each scene and deleting others whilst writing the novel which by the end of it gives me a musical outline of the story

Book Playlists by S.L Briden

When I am in the revising process of novel writing, I delete the scores I no longer need or listen to in the playlist. I also add more if I have come across a score suited to the scene which, by the end of it, does lead to a long playlist.​

As each novel in the Shadows of a Phoenix series come available, my playlist for that book will be available via Spotify. You have to create a free account in order to view the playlists, but once you do, you are able to follow my profile and be notified every time I add a new playlist.

Click each playlist to listen and enjoy!

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