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Golitha Falls

My research for my writing comes in so many forms but my favourite type of research is visiting like for like locations. Lucky enough, my parents live in Cornwall, UK and on a recent visit, I took a trek to Golitha Falls. Golitha Falls is a series of spectacular cascades through a steep-sided valley gorge on the upper reaches of the River Fowey. I simply love this location. The cascades flow through ancient woodland. Over 50 species of liverwort grow here and 98 species of mo

What is a frame story?

The entire series of Shadows of a Phoenix is a frame story, also known as a frame narrative, a frame tale or a story within a story. Such frames involve a narrator or character in another setting to tell a story that has taken place in a different time and place. There are many examples of these frame works including in movies like The Princess Bride, The Never-ending story, but the more memorable one would be from Titanic. The old lady tells her tale to those onboard the sal

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